Terms and conditions

Purchase conditions in the web Portal www.congott.us and Website Policy


The risks that incorporate the use of Information and Communication Technologies for the privacy of the users of these, determine that those who carry out electronic commerce activities, tend to mitigate them by adopting policies and rules that respect the rights of people and Promote consumer confidence.

Our business strategy on the Internet, in addition to adopting computer measures to guarantee secure transactions, incorporates good international practices for the safe handling of information, including the protection of personal data.

For these reasons, Congott., Acting responsibly, transparently, legitimately, and honestly with society, communicates to the public the Commercial, technological and legal Conditions of Purchase and other applicable legal concepts, in its Web Portal and the Policy of Use of the same and adopts a code of ethical behavior, guidelines that will regulate the operation of our portal, constituting these in its regulatory framework.

The non-acceptance of these Conditions and Policies by the potential users of the same will prevent the registration of these in the portal and consequently the acquisition of goods and services (hereinafter Products) in www.congott.us Also, any infringement to These guidelines will result in the exclusion or exit of the offender within the information system that supports our web portal.

Please read carefully the purchase terms and conditions of use of this web portal, while the acceptance of the same constitute the contractual terms that bind you as users and / or consumers with Congott.

Objective of the web Portal www.congott.mx

Congott. backed by the experience, reputation and responsibility of Coordinadora Mercantil SA, it puts at the service of national and international consumers a secure electronic platform to acquire products, offered by a group of reputable brands and recognized entrepreneurs, with whom there is a contractual relationship as a direct supplier or through intermediation. Our commercial activity allows our consumers to acquire products, make their payment by opting for different means and receive them at the door of their house or in their email just by clicking on our web portal www.congott.us.


For purposes of contributing to the interpretation of the use policies of our web portal, the following definitions are incorporated:

Quality of information: It is an attribute of the personal information collected, which implies that the data is adequate, relevant and not excessive, according to the strategy of our web portal.

Electronic Commerce: Includes the sending, transmission, reception, storage of data messages electronically. The doubts that arise regarding the effectiveness and validity of the data messages and other activities related to electronic commerce will be interpreted in accordance with Law 527 of 1999.

Consumer: Any natural and legal person that acquires a product for consumption and satisfaction of personal and / or family and business needs.

Personal data: It is all information that identifies or identifies a natural person.

Sensitive Data: It is intimate personal information related to political ideas, religious beliefs, sexual life, racial origin, health data, among others cataloged.

In charge of the Treatment: It is the natural or legal person that autonomously or jointly, performs treatments on personal information on behalf of the person in charge.

Purpose: Principle that consists of the use or purpose for which the information requested is collected from visitors, users and / or consumers during the registration process or afterwards.

The user of the portal, at the time of registration, will be informed of the purpose to be granted to their personal data.

Of legal age: Physical person over eighteen (18) years of age that has the capacity to contract. Data Message: Information generated, sent, received, stored or communicated by electronic, optical or similar means, such as, among others, the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the Internet, the electronic mail, the telegram, the telex or the telefax.

Information Processing: Operations and technical procedures of an automated or non-automated nature that allow the collection, recording, conservation, development, modification, blocking and cancellation of personal information, as well as the transfer of data resulting from communications, consultations, interconnections and transfers.

Publicity: Any form of communication made by a physical or legal person, public or private, in order to inform about its corporate purpose and communicate strategies or advertising or marketing campaigns. Advertising may be done by physical, electronic or telephone correspondence.

Responsible for the Treatment: It is the natural or legal person that determines the purpose, content or use of the personal information collected.

Information system: This will be understood as any computer program used to generate, send, receive, archive or process in any way the data messages that contain information linked to the web portal www.congott.us

Product: Good or corporeal or incorporeal service that has been acquired by the consumer through the web portal www.congott.us.

Supplier: It is the company that, through our web portal, sells goods and services, assuming control and presentation of them.

User: Is the person who, once they register their personal data in our web portal, is enabled to acquire the goods and services marketed there.

Visitors: They are the people who browse our website without the need to register, only doing it by typing in a domain name browser www.congott.us.

Scope of the application:

These Terms of Purchase, Policy of Use and Ethical Behavior adopted by Congott for its web portal regulates the process of acquiring products. It also regulates the process of data processing of users who register on the portal, who acquire products through it, who advertise and who market products on our computer platform.

Likewise, Coordiutil is committed to promoting that the information communicated on the web portal be respectful, as well as human dignity, morals and good customs. It is the obligation of visitors, users and suppliers to make honest use of the information accessed.

Formalization of the Electronic Contract

Acquiring products is our web portal is easy and safe, it only requires exhausting the following steps:

Identify the product of your choice: Once you have identified the product of your choice, you can find information on the product's features on the web portal, as well as photos and / or videos that allow a real appreciation of the product.

Enter the product to the shopping cart: Once the product to be acquired has been selected and the geographical place of delivery, the web portal will quote the value and the corresponding transport costs. Depending on the value of the product and the quantity of products purchased, transportation can be very economical or even costless.

Start of the Purchase Process: Once the decision to buy on our web portal is adopted, the corresponding data must be filled out to the person who has to make the payment and the place of delivery of the product or products. The email address to which the proof of payment should be sent must be indicated.

Selection of the means of payment and Payment: The consumer can make the payment of the purchased product (s) by opting for an electronic means of payment (Credit or Debit Card) or paying cash in person at one of the points of our network of collections.

CONGOTT, by virtue of the technology adopted, does not store or keep credit card data or debit cards, which, when supplied in the payment gateway, are encrypted making them impossible to know during the purchase process.

Electronic payments through our portal are made through Pago Payu, a software with high standards of computer security, which complies with the certifications required by banking entities and payment networks that operate in the country. Therefore, your transactions are safe.

Payments made by credit card are subject to approval by the issuing entity and compliance with the security parameters of the transaction defined by Coordiutil. Coordiutil reserves the right to reject the transaction when it is not approved by the issuer of the credit card and / or does not comply with the security and fraud prevention parameters defined by Coordiutil.

Cash payments will be made with the payment pin assigned to that potential transaction, which will be communicated to your email. Once the pin is assigned for the acquisition of the product, twelve (12) business hours are available to make the payment, after that period has elapsed without making it, the pin becomes outdated and the offer to purchase the selected product ceases.

If the product (s) is still in inventory, you can reactivate the pin in the collection network or request a new pin in the portal for this same product (s).

Payment and Invoice: With the action of making the payment, according to the means of payment selected, the consumer expresses the acceptance of the offer of the chosen product, giving rise to the formation of the purchase agreement by electronic means.

The information system of CONGOTT stores each of the transactions carried out in it; in such a way that the payment is made, the consumer will receive the information of the transaction made in the e-mail supplied at the time of purchase in our web portal.

The invoice that is generated as a result of the transaction made must be retained in case of a claim for quality assurance.

Prior to the formalization of the contract, in purchases with Credit Card, CONGOTT for reasons of consumer safety and fraud prevention, will validate the legality of the transaction following a set of protocols for these purposes. In this sense, it is feasible that the transaction is not approved, in which case the consumer will be informed, to whom the issuing entity of the means of payment will reimburse the money. Any claim against the reimbursement of the money must be made to the issuing entity of the means of payment, because CONGOTT not validate the transaction does not receive any payment accreditation.

Delivery of the Product: Once the payment of the selected product has been verified, CONGOTT will make the delivery at the address indicated by the consumer; fulfilling thus its obligation CONGOTT.

If the delivery can not be made for reasons not attributable to CONGOTT, our Call Center will communicate with the consumer in order to agree on the procedure to be followed for delivery and inform the costs corresponding to the rework, when these proceed. In those cases in which the consumer purchases products from different suppliers CONGOTT may deliver these individually for efficiency purposes. The indicated delivery times are estimated, as these may vary due to logistical, distance, environmental, force majeure or fortuitous events; In any case, CONGOTT will provide information on the delivery date of the products through the call center in case of delay due to the aforementioned circumstances.


Treatment of personal information

  1. Registration as a user: The need to grant security to the economic transactions carried out on our website requires the full identification of the people who purchase products through it, data also necessary for the delivery of the same and the prevention of fraud. The personal data that is requested at the moment of the registration of users in our portal will be protected in an appropriate way and its treatment will be subject to the principles applicable to its nature.

As administrator of the web portal reserves the right to keep a user's registration in force when he has not provided truthful information, when he treats the information in a manner contrary to the honest uses that must be given to him or when he fails to comply with the policies contained herein or any of the obligations, duties and charges that you acquire when registering on the web portal.

CONGOTT will not request credit or debit card information during the registration process; This will only be requested at the moment of acquiring products through the software or payment gateway - Zona Ágil, who complies with the security measures required by the issuing entities of this type of cards and means of payment.

  1. Right to Personal Privacy and Habeas Data: The process of collecting and processing personal data of users and consumers of our website respects the right to privacy and guarantees the exercise of habeas data by users and consumers, an activity that is carried out subject to the Political Constitution of Colombia as well as the highest international standards regarding the protection of personal data.
  2. Purpose of the information collected: The personal data collected that the user provides at the time of registration in a free, voluntary and autonomous manner, is intended to communicate to our customers and consumers commercial, advertising and marketing information related to our commercial activity. The registration of personal data in our web portal expressly authorizes the receipt of information from us and our business partners Coordinadora Mercantil; Canal Cosmovisión, Diart Soluciones Graficas, muysecreto.com, esporti.co, enfarrados.com, labuenavida.com, Mall Comercial Mayorca; Coordiutil USA; and USA Coordinator; who submit to these policies.
  3. Exercise of Habeas Data: The user registered in the web portal www.congott.us may exercise his right to know, update, modify and cancel the personal data in the databases associated with our web portal. To do this, you must follow the procedures defined in the computer platform using the self-assigned username and password during the registration procedure. The exercise of habeas data in relation to the update, modification, rectification, opposition or cancellation can not be exercised if a commercial transaction is in progress.

Electronic Commerce

In compliance with the Colombian provisions on data messages according to Law 527 of 1999, it is reported that the national legislation recognizes validity of the data messages and therefore they acquire character and probative entity. Consequently, the users and consumers of our web portal understand that by crossing data messages the interveners can lead to the birth, modification and extinction of obligations, being of its exclusive nature the content, consequences, responsibilities and effects of the information. generated. Through our web portal you can advertise links or hyperlinks to other web portals of our business partners that may be of interest to our users and consumers. For purposes of preventing computer fraud, it is suggested that the user type in the URL of their browser the IP address or domain name of the website they wish to visit, however they can access it from the portal.

Exchange policies and guarantees.

CONGOTT. It has a policy of changes different from the guarantees, by virtue of which the following is established:

  1. Claim conditions for wrong product

In the event that the customer receives a product with characteristics different from that described on the page at the time of purchase, the following procedure must be carried out in order to verify the validity of the claim.

The client must make the retraction request through the website within the following 05 calendar days after receiving the product, the customer should contact the customer service line to do the validation and subsequent activation to be the case.

The client must send the images of the wrong product to sac@congott.com indicating in the subject of the mail the reason for the claim, within the next 48 working hours of having received the item.

Once the Customer Service area receives the required documents and the data is corroborated, within 24hrs the Reverse Logistics Guide will be sent so that the customer's return is made, the collection of the order will be scheduled.

Once the return process has been carried out, the reordering process will be carried out so that the customer receives the product with the characteristics initially acquired.

If the client does not send the requested images, he / she will be able to apply for the right of withdrawal through the page, according to what is described in this policy.

If the customer bought an intimate product and received one with different characteristics, after verifying that it was indeed a CONGOTT error, the correct product will be delivered without having to initiate a return process.

Products considered by CONGOTT as intimate:

  • Underwear or swimwear.
  • Stockings and leggings
  • Imitation jewelry.
  • Breastfeeding products or baby feeding.
  • Books and Videogames that are not sealed.
  • Vitamins, supplements and cosmetics.
  • Mattresses that are not sealed
  • Sexual wellness products
  1. Policies for the Purchase Guarantee

If the product purchased through the virtual store presents a manufacturing defect or quality problems, the customer must communicate in the email sac@congott.com. or to the web portal www.congott.us, through these means of attention will be given to the client the instructions to make effective the guarantee.

In the event that a product purchased through CONGOTT has problems of operation or damage after its reception, the client may contact CONGOTT who will provide the information of the vendor or supplier so that the latter provides adequate support for their guarantee request. All requests for guarantees must meet the following conditions:

The product guarantee must be valid.

The product must have the invoice and guarantee documents. In case the product does not have a document that certifies a warranty period it must be less than 30 days of delivery.

Product damage must be due to a manufacturing defect, technical failure or irregularity. No guarantee will apply if the product shows signs of misuse by the customer.

The supplier has the right to replace or repair the product's.

At the choice of the consumer, the Supplier will pick up the product where it was delivered or the latter may request the consumer to leave it at the point of attention provided for that purpose. For this last case, the Supplier will bear all shipping costs. If transportation is required for the good, the costs must be borne by the Supplier.

Two Reverse Logistics Guides will be sent to the consumer in order to return the product to the Supplier and the latter performs the necessary analysis to determine if the guarantee is applicable. Each guide will be valid for one day. In case the consumer does not send the second guide, he must send the product to the Supplier assuming the shipping cost, money that will be reimbursed if the guarantee proceeds. CONGOTT will provide the Supplier's data to facilitate this procedure.

The repaired product or the replacement product must be delivered to the consumer in the same place where the legal guarantee was requested, unless the consumer requests another site and the supplier accepts it. If transportation is required for the good, the costs must be borne by the supplier.

In the event that the property must be replaced by another equal or of the same characteristics, the supplier will proceed to its replacement within ten (10) business days following, after the reception of the product by the supplier.

The repair will be made within thirty (30) business days, counted from the day following the delivery of the goods to the supplier for repair.

In the event that the good does not admit repair or the product fails again, the supplier will inform the consumer of its decision on how to make the guarantee effective, either the change of the good by an identical one or by one of the same characteristics .

Additionally, the conditions to accept a guarantee process depend on the category to which the product corresponds.

  • The term of validity of the guarantee of the products purchased on the website is 30 calendar days. The term of the warranty begins to run from the moment the product is delivered to the address established by the customer.
  • To make a guarantee claim, it is essential to present the purchase invoice.
  • In case the guarantee is not applicable, the shipping cost will be assumed by the customer.
  1. Shoes

There are no reasons for Guarantee:

  • Tears, scrapes, breakage of materials (leather, synthetic, textiles), as well as parts that make up the shoe such as heels, soles, tops, zippers and other shoe accessories caused by the misuse of the product.
  • Changes in color, hue and textures that are natural to the shoe material.
  • Folds or roughness caused by flexing the instep.
  • Products that have already been handled by shoe stores, shoe shops or other types of third parties, as well as damages caused by improper repairs and cleaning.
  1. Clothing and Accessories

Clothing, bags, suitcases, briefcases and all accessories other than costume jewelery.

It is essential to take into account the care instructions of the garments (washing, drying, ironing and use). The garments must not present changes or modifications of their natural state to make the guarantee effective nor be damaged by the corresponding actions to the client.

In no case will change or return of socks, underwear, pajamas, girdles, swimsuits or hair accessories be accepted.

Products that have already been handled by clothing or accessory workshops or other types of third parties, as well as damages caused by improper repairs and cleaning do not apply for guarantee.

  1. Jewelry

These products are for special use, are not designed for heavy work, you should avoid contact with water, perfumes, soaps and other chemical at the time of use. Therefore, CONGOTT is not responsible for the normal deterioration of a product or for the damages it suffers due to negligence or misuse.

Products that have already been handled by workshops or other types of third parties, as well as damages caused by improper repairs and cleaning do not apply for warranty.

If the guarantee is valid, CONGOTT is responsible for the manufacturing defects that the product presents.